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The Delmarva Whiskey Club was established for whiskey fans. We welcome all...from those who have only recently begun to appreciate whiskey to seasoned whiskey aficionados.


Our club exists to:

1) Enjoy whiskeys from around the world.

2) Learn about the whiskey industry...from how whiskey is made to how it is marketed worldwide.

3) Get together with other whiskey drinkers because if you drink can't be all bad!

The Delmarva Whiskey Club meets 8 times a year, primarily on Saturday nights. Our meetings take on different formats but all meetings include whiskey tastings. Please see "meeting schedule" for the next meeting's venue, time and date.  


See the "MEMBERSHIP" page for information on how to join.


We are a not-for-profit, private group with 501(c)(7) tax exempt status. We accept no advertising for this site.

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